Saturday, May 21, 2011

GameNite Mobile - A brilliant home business

I wanted to tell you all about a brilliant idea for a home business that I came across the other day. This is a perfect example of someone taking something they love to do and turning it into an income stream. This small business owner loves gaming. How many guys do you know who are unemployed and sit around playing video games all day and night, apparently waiting for a job opportunity to come to them? Probably at least a few, but Chuck Jones in Ohio isn't one of them. He takes his love of gaming and takes it on the road, providing an amazing gaming experience for parties, special events, or even just a few guys who want to have a rockin' good time. I predict his business, GameNite Mobile, is going to be one of the best home businesses I've ever seen. You can read about GameNite mobile in their new blog or simply go to their website to learn more. Chuck Jones and GameNite Mobile definitely get my vote!

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