Sunday, February 8, 2015

Work At Home with a legitimate company

I wanted to give you all a heads up on a great company that is hiring in certain states. I went through the hiring process myself and can assure you it is 100% legit. I was asked to do numerous speed tests on my computer, sent for a drug screen, and agreed to a background check. The job entails taking customer service calls for various companies such as cable or satellite providers. You will need a hard wired computer, high speed internet, an approved headset and approved flash srive. The pay is decent and they offer many benefits. You will have a set schedule 10 days in advance. Check it out:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Not quite working form home, but still cash generating...

Always on the hunt for new ways to earn cash working from home, this one really piqued my interest: Odd Job City is a website where you can offer your skills for odd jobs. I saw everything under the sun on there; painting, dog walking, babysitting, lawn care, etc. Give it a try, it's pretty awesome :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick suggestion for finding ways to work from home...

I am constantly searching for new ways to earn from home, and usually find a few good ones just as some older ones fizzle out. Problem is, I keep forgetting to tell you! So, I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to clue you in on something I have been doing fairly often, and gotten some decent leads from. I am certain that most, if not all, of my readers are also on FaceBook. Did you know that almost every town has a work from home page? All you need to do is a search on FaceBook, and multiple pages will come up. That being said, you will have to spend some time weeding through them and doing your research, but odds are you will find some fresh wats to earn money online and continue to work from home. My personal policy is that if they tell you that you have to spend money to make money, run away fast. If you went on a job interview, would you take the job if they said you had to pay to get it? You would most likely look at the interviewer like he was crazy. Tread easy, be smart, and don't get scammed. You CAN safely and smartly work from home and earn online cash.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I got hired for another job today

If you aren't on signed up at oDesk yet, you are missing out on lots of earning opportunities. Some of their jobs pay a lot, some pay a little. The bottom line is this, people - you can keep looking for that big bucks, fast cash online job and continue to earn nothing while you do so. A smarter option is to get yourself signed up on oDesk and start earning. You'll still have time to search for your big bucks job, and you can be earning in the meantime. Seriously, a little money is better than no money. I got an offer to interview today, interviewed, and was accepted. I didn't even have to go looking for it. It doesn't pay the big bucks, but then again, it doesn't require a lot of work, either. I'm poor enough that I will gladly take any legitimate online earning opportunity, and I never fail to be surprised when I see how quickly the cash from those little jobs adds up. Give it a try, put some effort into it, and I'll bet you'll earn some money too. Have a great day!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earn money by being a mock juror

This one is probably not well known, at least I had never heard of it. I signed up with a bit of trepidation, because frankly, it sounded too fun to get paid for. I waited a very long time, and finally got an invitation to be on a mock jury. I have since learned that I waited so long because I live in a rural area with few trials of high importance. Those of you who live in urban areas will probably get to participate a lot more. At any rate, the site is called eJury . They send you an invitation to be an online juror. You read the case, some testimony and facts, and then render your decision. You will then explain why you made your decision. It does require serious thought and attention, but is very interesting. The average payment for a case is $7. Sure beats typing captcha codes or reading emails for a penny, eh? Give eJury a try, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better Than Playing The Lottery

I thought about something today that made me feel guilty - guilty for not telling you about it sooner. There's a great site called Brainbench that provides online testing for employment skills. They also provide certification testing for those interested in being able to verify their abilities in a specialized skill. On the surface, this sounds like something that will cost you money, not make money, right? Wrong! Let me expand on how this turned out to be quite the money maker for me. I ended up with over $200.00 in six weeks. Combined with my Amazon Mechanical Turk earnings, I was able to complete 90% of my Christmas shopping without spending a dime out of my paycheck. First, you will need to register at Brainbench. Then you will need to take some of their free tests. They have many free tests that are basically just for fun. There are personality tests, trivia test, and others that you will enjoy. So far you haven't spent any money and had a little fun. You will then be in their database and will start receiving emails from them. You will receive requests to take beta tests. The key is to respond and take the tests immediately. The minute that email comes in, stop what you're doing and take the test. Brainbench will offer Amazon gift codes for the first 50 people who submit the tests. Every time I have gotten a beta test request, I have gotten a gift code. In some cases, they will offer additional codes for high scores (Sadly, I have never won one of those). If you are really good at the given skill, you might really clean up. Bottom line, after realizing I had done my Christmas shopping, purchased two new cordless phones and eight games from Amazon without dipping into my own pocket, I really felt bad about not sharing this with you all. It's an incredibly simple way to get things you might not otherwise be able to afford. Head on over to Brainbench and get started earning that extra money!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you're like me, you probably spent too much on Christmas. You're facing a few tough months to play catch up with your bills, right? I have a solution that won't put big bucks in your pocket, but it sure will help with gas money. Have you heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk? Also know as mTurk, this site allows you to earn as much as your level of patience permits. It is comprised of small tasks and surveys, each paying from a few pennies to a few dollars. There is no limit to how many you can do each day. They offer two ways to get paid. If you have earned at least $10.00, you can simply transfer the money to your bank account. You can also transfer your money to your Amazon account and spend it there. I paid for most of my Christmas shopping by earning money and putting it in my Amazon account. Need a new set of pots and pans? Work on mTurk and you can earn enough to get them free through Amazon. This is one of the easiest ways I have found to earn extra cash from home. Just sit back in your recliner, fire up that laptop, and start earning!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

You need to watch this

Please take a moment to watch this video. It is America's story, told by someone who lives in my small town.... Bank of America has really shown their evil with this situation.">

Please share this any way you can. Thanks!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

GameNite Mobile - A brilliant home business

I wanted to tell you all about a brilliant idea for a home business that I came across the other day. This is a perfect example of someone taking something they love to do and turning it into an income stream. This small business owner loves gaming. How many guys do you know who are unemployed and sit around playing video games all day and night, apparently waiting for a job opportunity to come to them? Probably at least a few, but Chuck Jones in Ohio isn't one of them. He takes his love of gaming and takes it on the road, providing an amazing gaming experience for parties, special events, or even just a few guys who want to have a rockin' good time. I predict his business, GameNite Mobile, is going to be one of the best home businesses I've ever seen. You can read about GameNite mobile in their new blog or simply go to their website to learn more. Chuck Jones and GameNite Mobile definitely get my vote!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mindfield Online Surveys

For those of you using multiple methods of making extra cash, which is most of us, I can't sing the praises of Mindfield Online enough. You know how some survey companies will let you get three quarters of the way through the survey, only to tell you that they don't want you? These guys don't do that. Of course, anyone will screen out from time to time, but most of the time you will complete your survey and get paid. Most of the surveys pay $1.00, and you only have to have $5.00 in your account to cash out. They will send you a paper check, or you can be paid via PayPal. If you want an easy way to earn cash at home and supplement what you're already earning, Mindfield Online is a great place to do it. You really can earn cash taking surveys.