Saturday, August 22, 2009

PTC/PTR Sites..earning cash from reading ads

As promised (albeit a bit late...sorry), I am going to tell you a bit about the PTC/PTR sites that I belong to. You won't ge rich, but you will earn cash. I have signed up for hundreds, but there are only a few I remain active in because they actually pay me cash. I have one that is my absolute, hands down, no holds barred favorite. I will, of course, save the best for last.

First on my list is Hits4Pay

This site does have a rather high minimum payout of $25, but they do give you $10 at sign up. I generally get between 3 to 7 ads at a time, so the earnings add up rather quickly compared to similar sites. The only drawback I have seen so far is that occasionally there will be several days with no ads, but I don't consider this a major problem. If you decide to try them, make sure your profile is complete, check as many interests as the system allows, and make sure you click on the link in each ad. I had a bit of trouble with this at first. I didn't realize that it wasn't enough to just view the ad. You must click on the link at the bottom, which will bring up a frame. When you have viewed the ad long enough, it will give you the option of viewing the next ad. On a 1 to 10 scale, I give this one a 9.

Another favorite is DollarClickOrSignUp

This site is nice because it has several different ways of earning, which takes some of the boredom out of the whole process. The site owner runs contests, games, and other types of competition to keep it fun. There are ads to view for cash, as well as offers to complete. Personally, I hate offer completion, now matter how much cash I can earn, so I would like to see less of that and more PTC on this site, but overall, it's pretty good. There are several ways of receiving payout, each with a different minimum requirement. There is an eBay virtual gift certificate for $5, for example, or a $5 money order. If you choose PayPal, the minimum is only $1.00. This site gets an 8.5. They could have a 9 or 10 if there were less offers and more PTR.

Next on my favorites list is YouData

YouData allows you to create a "MeFile" that details your demographic information and interests. The site then sends you ads that you are paid to view, then paid again to read. They pay every Friday via PayPal. You will most likely make more during your first two weeks, then the earnings trickle down. I almost removed this site from my favorites because I haven't received an ad in two weeks. I decided to keep it for a couple of reasons. First, other members I have spoken with are still getting ads, but the main reason is that they are fairly new and I believe they are struggling to maintain as one of the few honest sites out there. I decided that I am willing to hang in there with them; I think it will pay off in the long run. This one is a 7.5 until the ads start coming in again.

And my very favorite site...{insert drum roll}...PaidToClick

This site just rocks! They have a minimum payout of $.02 for free members, and all you have to do to get paid is click the withdraw link and insert your PayPal address. Not only do they have a great low minimum, but there are several ways to earn, including PTR, PTC, offers, and referrals. By only using PTC and PTR every day, I get a daily payout. It isn't tons of money, but what other site will let you get paid daily? Also, may sites make it hard to even reach one cent per day, this one makes it easy. I just can't say enough good about this site. The only drawback for me is that PayPal is the only way to get paid, and I despise PayPal. But hey, I'm not gonna let that stop me from earning. You won't be sorry if you join this one, I promise!

In closing, I would like to address the subject of payment proof. I have been asked by a few people to provide proof of payment. I see no reason to do this. It takes time that I don't have. With today's technology, fake payment proofs are generated all day long, so why should I spend time posting something that can easily be faked, just to prove I earned a few dollars? The sites and methods of earning that I review and recommend will speak for themselves, the proof comes when you earn for yourself. I would encourage all of you to avoid making decisions about opportunities based on a screenshot of someones PayPal account. I could generate one showing I have been paid $7000 if I wanted to, and so can those who are hawking their wares. They want you to believe they are making thousands per day so that you will pay them for the opportunity to do the same. Bottom line, if it sounds to good to be true, don't go there, even if there is "proof". Now go earn some money, and have an awesome day!

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