Sunday, August 9, 2009

So, you want to earn money working from home...

Let's face it, times are hard for most of us. We all need to earn some extra cash, right? Unfortunaltely, there are lots of unscrupulous scammers who earn their extra money by scamming the rest of us. You can earn part time income from home, even full time income, if you are careful to choose the right job source. I have been working from home in addition to my "regular" job for several years. Did it make me rich? No. Did it pay some bills and buy some groceries? Absolutely! After watching so many people get scammed, struggle, and ultimately get nowhere, I decided to share what I have learned.

If you really want to earn money working from home, the best site, hands, down, no competition, is:

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Keep in mind, the operative word here is "work". When you sign up with oDesk, you will work. There is no easy money. You won't just sit back and collect your cash. You will take a competency test to qualify you. It is not a hard test, but it does require reasonable intelligence. You will need to take some time to look around the site, read the FAQ's, and understand what you are doing, before you apply for your first job. When you apply, be prepared. You will need to submit a cover letter to introduce yourself. There are guidelines for a good cover letter on the site, so don't be afraid of it. You will also need to be prepared to install an IM service on your computer, most use Yahoo Messenger. Many prospective employers will use this for a live interview. If you have already done some data entry work, have your data entry resume ready to copy and paste during the interview (if you didn't submit it with your cover letter). There are many other jobs available, not just data entry. There are one day jobs, long and short term jobs, part time, full time, hourly and fixed rate jobs. This site is a work at home Nirvana! The best part? You won't have to worry about getting scammed, they are completely legit.

If you sign up for eDesk work, please come back and post about your experience, good or bad, so others can benefit from your knowledge. Oh, and tell em' firemom31 sent ya!

Check back for my next post - Earning from Captcha data entry.

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  1. Wow, how did you know I was looking for these things? In addition to other "income", I may have to check this out. Sure beats cooking for a living!


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